A Unique Strongsville Kitchen Remodeling Company

You’ve got enough money to create the project of your dreams, but who do you hire to do the job?  Unfortunately, you know the general reputation Strongsville kitchen remodeling contractors have.  Some are good, while others are bad.  Unfortunately, like many professionals, it’s the actions of a few companies that tarnish the reputations of all the others.

At North Coast Home Improvement Corporation, we respect your caution.  Whenever we have to make a big business decision, we go through the same process.  Who can we trust?  Just because someone’s a big name in the industry doesn’t mean you can always trust them either.  Sometimes, the big guys are just as careless in their business approach as the smaller, unknown, guys.

However, at North Coast Home Improvement Corporation, we do our best to do things a little differently than other companies.

Strongsville Kitchen Remodeling at its Best

Sometimes, learning more about a company helps build your trust.

First, we want you to know we’ve been in business in the Cleveland area since 1981.  To stay in business as a local company, and especially for as long as 30 years, you have to do good work consistently over that period of time and provide excellent customer service.

Second, we use a thorough, 6-step process to gain a thorough understanding of what you have in mind for your Strongsville kitchen remodeling project.  During that process, we require a noticeable amount of participation from you.  That’s because we want to make sure we get your project exactly right.  With other contracting companies, you may have an initial conversation or two so they get an idea of what you are looking for.  However, your project won’t have nearly as unique of a look as it should – it will look like it could fit in just about any home.

With our process, you have the opportunity to talk in depth about how you want your project to look.  You have extensive control over the materials used.  You also get to view the actual plans for your project and make modifications as you see fit.  The net result of our Strongsville kitchen remodeling process is that you get a premium quality project that meets the ideal vision you initially had.

Qualifications of our Professionals

In addition to decades of experience, each of our professionals possesses extensive skill at his or her craft.  Many of our professionals possess NARI certification.  NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) is the leading industry association for remodelers.  Possessing certification from NARI is the most reputable certification you can possibly have.  Not all our professionals are NARI certified, however.  Those that aren’t are certified masters of their craft.  Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and masons all have unique processes to go through in order to become certified masters.  A certified master, in general, has to go through years of experience in his or her trade, regular educational courses, and testing.

What you can be sure of is that the professionals working on your Strongsville kitchen remodeling job know how to give your home that premium look you seek.

Do Your Research Before Acting

Now that you know more about North Coast Home Improvement and how we handle kitchen remodeling in Strongsville, consider how we compare to the other companies you have been researching.  Yes, there are companies and individuals out there who could do the job for a cheaper rate, but what will be the quality of their work?  Can you count on them to provide excellent customer service and give your home that premium look you desire?  Will they be honest with their billing, and can you count on them to do and say what they’re telling you?

At North Coast Home Improvement, you can count on each and every one of our Strongsville kitchen remodeling professionals to treat you with courtesy and follow through on their actions.  We have a rigid system of accountability, so if you have any difficulties with any personnel at any level, you can always talk to someone who will take action to make the situation right.

Most experiences, however, go positively, resulting in your complete satisfaction.  To begin working with us, contact us at 440-526-0015!