North Coast Home – Your Seven Hills Kitchen Remodeling Contractor of Choice

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Seven Hills, nothing is more exciting for a homeowner.  At the very least, you’ve worked for years, saving up the money to make the modifications you want to make to your home.  But now, it’s finally time to do it.  And, it’s been no small feat of success to pull this off during a time when the economy is struggling mightily.

But now, you have to figure out which Seven Hills kitchen remodeling company to work with.  There’s a number of choices, and working with just any contractor isn’t something you want to do because this job is so important to the look of your home.

Your options:

  • Work with an independent professional
  • Engage a mid-size company that uses mostly the services of contractors
  • Use the services of a larger company who employs certified professionals

The first option, working with an independent Seven Hills kitchen remodeling professional, is somewhat of a risk.  Professionals working alone have a small, but dedicated client base.  While they may have a good reputation with some people, they are still small enough to the point where they could have done poor work for a number of clients, but you haven’t yet heard about it.  Also, if you want more work done outside of a particular skillset, you’ll have to find a professional who has those skills, or rely on a referral from the professional you’re working with.

If you use a mid-size Seven Hills kitchen remodeling company, they may rely on a handful of full-time employees, while at the same time using the services of many subcontractors.  You may or may not know that company uses subcontractors.  And, if they do, how well do they know those subcontractors?  Will the subcontractors disappear and leave everyone else to fend for themselves?  Hard to say.

Your final option, however, is to work with a larger Seven Hills kitchen remodeling company.  A larger company will have many full-time employees, while at the same time using the services of subcontractors.  But because they have a strong reputation to protect, they will only work with subcontractors they know who will consistently do a good job.  And, the quality of their full-time employees is higher than that of other companies because they pay the best.  The best employees choose to work with them because of that pay and the opportunity to put their skills to use.  Finally, they also are often required to maintain a certification from respected industry associations.

Why North Coast Home Improvement Corporation Is Your Seven Hills Kitchen Remodeling Company of Choice

At North Coast Home Improvement, we are a larger contracting firm.  We’ve been in business since 1981, and in order to stay in business for greater than 30 years, you have to provide both excellent service and great quality work.  We do that by ensuring all of our professionals possess certification.  Some certifications they have include NARI Certified Remodeler status, NARI Universal Design Specialist status, and certified master of plumbing, carpentry, electrician, or masonry.  If you don’t already know, NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, is the industry’s most respected association.  If you have certification from this association, you have the most respected certification available.

Those professionals who are certified masters of their craft have years of supervised experience working under other masters, attend classes regularly to keep their skills sharp, and also have to pass an exam in order to receive their certification.  In other words, they have the ability to make your Seven Hills kitchen remodeling project look its best.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Seven Hills, no one does the job better than North Coast Home Improvement.  Don’t work with us because we’re big – work with us because of all the benefits we can bring you that other companies can’t.  We guarantee that you will love the look of your home after our work is completed, and if you have any questions or concerns at any point, make sure you let us know immediately and we’ll do everything in our power to address them.