Create the Seven Hills Home Remodeling Project of Your Dreams with North Coast Home Improvement

If you’ve been looking to create your dream Seven Hills home remodeling project, then look no further than North Coast Home Improvement.  We’ve been in business since 1981, and have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help your home meet your ideal vision.

Have you ever looked through home interiors in magazines, or have you browsed through a showroom at a local contracting company?  In either case, you were highly impressed with what you saw.  We can help you give your home that look.

One of the keys to our success in home improvement in Seven Hills is our thorough 6-step process.  The first few steps in the process require some work from you.  We don’t want to make you work any harder than we have to, but some work is necessary from you.  We have you talk with our experienced home consultants and project designers in order to gain a full understanding of what you’re looking for in your Seven Hills home improvement project.  But, we also find that when we provide suggestions to prospective customers, they often come up with additional ideas for how they would like to customize their home’s interior.

Once we have your initial input, our process for home remodeling in Seven Hills continues with finalization of materials and the actual construction of the project.  Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks to start the typical Seven Hills home improvement project from the day the contract is signed.

Why Choose North Coast Home Improvement Corporation?

There are a number of routes you can go when it comes to working with contractors.  Sometimes, it’s fairly unregulated territory, which can unfortunately leave you vulnerable to some of the schemes and traps dishonest contractors plant for unwary customers.

However, at North Coast Home Improvement Corporation, we have a number of logistics working in our favor.  First, our company has been in business in home remodeling in Seven Hills since 1981 – more than 3 decades!  Our President, Brad Opacich, founded the company and still keeps us on the course to success today.  In order to be successful for the long term, you also have to do great work and provide excellent customer service.  You can’t resort to dishonest tactics such as billing customers additionally while not providing any value.  Keep in mind that we operate throughout the Cleveland area, and guarding your reputation by doing good work is your number one key to success.

In addition to that, however, we also employ certified professionals.  We also work with subcontractors on occasion, but since we’ve been in the area so long, we know who does good work and who doesn’t.  When we do use the services of subcontractors, you can count on them to do just as good of a job as the professionals we employ.

The professionals performing Seven Hills home remodeling for you possess certification of one variety or another.  We work with NARI Certified Remodelers, NARI Universal Design Specialists, and certified master craftsmen.  NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, is the most respected industry association.  If you possess certification from NARI, you possess the most revered certification available.  All master craftsmen have undergone an extensive process for achieving their master status.  The process varies by trade, but generally each craftsman has years of supervised work experience, attends regular classroom training, and passes an exam to receive their certification.  Basically, you can feel completely secure that they will do nothing less than the best possible work on your Seven Hills home improvement project.

These are all the benefits you receive from working with a larger contracting company.  It’s difficult to find all of the same benefits at any other company in the Cleveland area.  If you would like to begin constructing the home interior of your dreams, contact North Coast Home Improvement Corporation at 440-526-0015.