Your Seven Hills Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Even though economic circumstances are difficult, somehow you’ve managed to do well.  The fact that you’ve been able to save enough money for a Seven Hills bathroom remodeling project speaks about your ability to work through difficult times successfully.

Now, it’s time to reward yourself.  It can be tempting to go through a lower-cost contractor, but even though that contractor charges less for his or her services, they may not have the ability to help you make the bathroom of your dreams.  In addition, you don’t know their reputation, which makes all the difference when working locally.

At North Coast Home Improvement Corporation, we have the experience, reputation, and skills necessary to help you construct a premium quality Seven Hills bathroom remodeling project every time.  In fact, we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations.  This focus is what’s helped us stay in business since 1981.

In that year, President Brad Opacich founded the company.  If you’ve worked with local contractors before, you know that you look for a quality reputation, and in order to not only stay in business, but to become a local leader, you have to provide excellent customer service and do great-quality work each and every time.

We Have Many Certified Seven Hills Bathroom Remodeling Professionals

Which certification they have depends on who you interact with.  But, as you know, not every professional working in the industry has to be certified.  However, we have NARI Certified Remodelers and Universal Design Specialists on staff.  NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, is the leading industry association remodelers.  So, if your professionals have certification from NARI, they have the most respected certification available.

Even though all of our Seven Hills bathroom remodeling professionals don’t have NARI certification, they do have certification which makes them more than qualified to do exceptional work on your home.  All other professionals are certified masters of their craft.  Our masons, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians undergo years of supervised on-the-job training, regular classes to update and refresh their skills, and also must pass an exam to get their certifications.  You can be sure that each professional who works in your home possesses more than enough skill than is necessary to do great work.

We Prefer Some Participation from You Too

While our goal is to make the Seven Hills bathroom remodeling process as little work for you as is possible, the simple fact remains that we need your participation in order to give your project the look you desire.  We have a thorough 6-step process, and during the initial stages, our home consultants and project managers talk with you at length, helping you discover the ideal vision you have for your home.  You’ll browse through our portfolio, which gives you ideas to stimulate your thinking.  Sometimes, our customers approach us with one thing in mind, and it turns out we helped them identify something even better than what they initially expected.

But, after these initial discussions, the Seven Hills bathroom remodeling process is very easy for you.  All you have to do is sign the contract, and we’ll start within the next 4-6 weeks.  But, we don’t stop communicating there.  We’ll give you regular updates regarding the status of your project, and if you have any questions, concerns, or changes to make regarding the status of your project, feel free to let us know.  Do keep in mind, however, that if you require significant changes to your project after work has begun, we may have to bill you additionally.

Enjoy Your Home’s New Look

At the end of our process for bathroom remodeling in Seven Hills, don’t forget to enjoy the new look of your home.  Have a party – invite your family over and show off your home’s new look.  And, if any of them are looking to have work done to their home, or if they are looking for bathroom remodeling in particular, please don’t hesitate to pass our name on to them.  If you ever have a need for additional work on your home, don’t hesitate to let us know!