Create Your Dream Home with a New Independence Kitchen Remodeling

Congratulations – you’ve spent years of your life saving the money necessary to remodel your home, giving it that dream look you usually only see in magazines.  You should give yourself credit – that takes years of hard work, smart financial discipline, and the ability to stay dedicated to both.  Not every American puts themselves in the financial position to do this, but you did.

However, now comes the real question:  who can you trust to do the job well?  Unfortunately, contractors get a bad rap, but like most situations, that’s because a few dishonest individuals give the  industry a bad reputation.  However, if you take the time to investigate a number of Independence kitchen remodeling contractors, you will eventually find the one that makes more sense than all the others.

Benefits of Working with North Coast Home Improvement Corporation

At North Coast, we strive to do everything beyond your expectations.  When it comes to working with Independence kitchen remodeling contractors, you can work with a single, independent professional, a mid-size firm with a full-time employee and a number of sub-contractors, or a larger firm with a number of experienced professionals.

At North Coast Home Improvement Corporation, we fall into the latter category.  In fact, we’re a fairly large company serving the entire Cleveland area.  The primary benefit you get from working with us is a guarantee the job will be done well.  Our President, Brad Opacich, has been working in the industry since 1981, giving him more than 30 years of experience.  With his thorough knowledge guiding the rest of the company, you know that any challenging situations will be worked through with ease.

However, you also know that someone who’s been able to grow a business this large and who has been able to remain in this business for an extended period of time must have a great reputation.  You simply cannot operate a local business for this long without having an excellent knack for customer service.  Word-of-mouth is always your best form of advertising, and it’s one of the techniques North Coast Home Improvement has used to become a leader in kitchen remodeling in Independence.

Another Primary Benefit:  Experienced, Certified Professionals

Even though our president has been in the Independence kitchen remodeling business for some time, he’s hardly the only professional at our firm with exceptional qualifications.  We have both a NARI Certified Remodeler and NARI Universal Design Specialist on our staff.  If you aren’t already familiar with NARI, the term stands for “National Association of the Remodeling Industry.”  Because this is the leading association for remodelers, people who possess certification from this body have the most respected certification available.  Professionals who work with us who don’t possess a NARI certification are certified masters of their trade.  Becoming a certified carpenter, plumber, mason, or electrician varies within each trade, but at a very general level, just know that certified masters have years of supervised experience, attend classes on a regular basis to refresh their skills and knowledge, and have to pass a thorough exam before they receive their certification.

In layman’s terms, it means you can count on them to do a high quality job.  If you work with an independent contractor, he or she may not have the skills to do a professional quality job.

Every Independence Kitchen Remodeling Project Runs on Time and on Budget

Because you’re working with a larger company that has standardized processes and talented professionals, you can expect every project to be completed within the quoted time frame and within the budget provided.  Sometimes, delays happen which are outside of our control.  However, we do everything we can to make sure your project stays on track and that when all is said and done, your experience with our Independence kitchen remodeling team goes way better than you initially expected.

To receive the best service and the dream project you’ve been thinking about for so long, contact North Coast Home Improvement at 440-526-0015!