Expanding a room through an exterior wall offers a unique approach to adding more living space to your home. Still, it can seem daunting to tear a hole through a wall in order to complete a project. Utilize the following home addition tips for expanding through an exterior wall to get started.

1. The Bump Out Home Addition: A “bump out” home addition is a small but potentially very beneficial option for adding invaluable space to single rooms. For instance, a bathroom could be turned from a half to a full bathroom with the addition of extra space. Or a master bathroom could be upgraded with the extra space, adding a spa tub, for instance. One of the biggest advantages of bump outs is that as opposed to other exterior home additions, sometimes they don’t require any additional foundation work.

2.  More Bump Out Options: Bump outs don’t have to be limited to bathrooms, though. They can add the crucial space needed to open up a kitchen, allowing for extra counters or a kitchen island, or they can add the space needed to turn a cramped living room into a more inviting space for entertaining or relaxing.

3. Building Out is Easier: Home additions can build out, or build up. There’s advantages to each, of course, but building out is generally an easier and less invasive process. The new addition can be built around your existing home before the former exterior wall is opened.  Your home can still be easily lived in during the expansion process.

4. Consider All Factors: Don’t just consider the added space within the home, be sure to weigh and consider all factors and potential consequences. For instance, the amount of yard space that could be lost, and whether or not this changes any zoning or other regulations for the property. Be sure that the benefits of the new addition outweigh any negatives.

5. Always Work with a Quality Contractor: Removing a section of an exterior wall or breaking ground is no small matter. It’s crucial to always work with a qualified home remodeling contractor who has the experience and track record to pull this off as seamlessly as possible, both on schedule and on budget.

Ask a contractor about their process, as well as similar projects they’ve completed. Be confident that they have the knowhow to complete the addition flawlessly.

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