7 Tips for Building the Ultimate Home Office

Building a home office is a wonderful way to improve a home, offering a private and dedicated space for business. This is of course important for those who work from home, but also for others who only occasionally work from home, or instead, those who are looking for a place to focus in privacy on any given task or activity.

That’s why home offices are one of the more common home additions and remodeling projects today. Of course, they aren’t all created equally. Here’s a collection of winning tips from a leading home remodeling contractor for how to turn a home office project into The Ultimate Home Office.

  1. Plan for Cord Control: Weaves and tangles of unidentifiable cords are a headache for anyone. When building a new home office though, this can be planned for in advance. Create a cord trough from wood, which can help keep cords in place, tightly aligned, and hidden along the walls and behind furniture.
  2. Cordon Off the Room: Free-flowing spaces in the home can be great for kitchens and living areas. However, the home office needs to be able to be shut out from the world when necessary or desired. Be sure to add doors and initialize rules in terms of when someone can or cannot come in and say hello or share the space.
  3. Consider Ergonomic Solutions: The flexibility of working from home enables anyone to seek comfortable and ergonomic seating solutions. Options include desks, which are used at standing height, or can be adjusted from standing to seated level, as well as sitting on large Swiss balls, or simply high quality back or posture chairs.
  4. Allow Enough Light In: Nothing makes work less fun than being stowed away in a dimly lit closet. Allow enough light in the office, both by ensuring there are large windows in the room, and by installing additional light configurations.
  5. Make it Inviting: Any office should encourage creativity and create feelings of comfort to make you want to stick around and accomplish more. A home office offers far more leeway compared to working in a bland cubicle in a large building. Decorate the walls with inspiring images or photographs, or mementos from travel, exploration, or other favorite hobbies.
  6. But Not Distracting: Inviting is one thing, distracting is another. It might be tempting to put in a flat screen TV, home theater, or other entertainment options, but this is an office and not a man cave. Don’t cross the line and limit the ability to utilize the space efficiently.
  7. Consider Tax Write Offs: Simply calling a space a home office isn’t good enough to get a big tax write off. The IRS has very specific regulations, and if this is of interest, it must be explored in advance. How large the space is, what it’s used for at all times, and what’s found inside the area are a few of the major considerations. Always consult with your tax advisor when it comes to write offs.

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