Simple Ideas for Utilizing Your Space More Efficiently

Making more out of a home’s interior space is essential for everyone, regardless of how large the home actually is. The truth of the matter is that many homeowners are woefully misusing their space, causing hassle and headache when there could be easy solutions at hand.

While making the decision to pursue room additions is one great way to add more space, that’s not always a realistic option.  Instead, do more with less thanks to the following tips from a leading home remodeling contractor for utilizing your space more efficiently.

  • Functional Furniture: Furniture can often double up on its duties. For instance, a chair, a bench, or a table may have a hidden storage compartment. Couches can fold out into guest beds, beds may have pull-out drawers, small tables can expand into larger ones and then be tucked back away, and so forth. Try to find functional furniture that maximizes the space of the room it’s in.
  • Use Wall Space: When in doubt, hang it up and use wall space. Get creative with self-installed shelving systems, use hanging racks in the kitchen for pot and pan storage, and put those empty walls to use.
  • Offices, Garages, Laundry Rooms: These are a few of the areas which are often the most cramped, and also have the most gadgets, supplies, and household items to be stored. Consider installing a simple pegboard system or a modular-style hanging wall storage system to use more of that aforementioned wall space effectively, and keep things organized. That invaluable floor space will be opened up, along with all of the surrounding desks or tables. Excess storage furniture can also be removed.
  • Staircases: Oftentimes a staircase can be entirely reinvented with a bit of work, turning all of the wasted room underneath it into effective storage, and even decorative, home-enhancing design.
  • Mirrors, Glass & Light: Mirrors, glass, and plenty of natural light all work wonders to make a room feel larger even when it’s not. Space isn’t technically being used more efficiently, but your home can feel larger and less cramped as a result of well placed mirrors.
  • Addition by Subtraction: Another visual trick is to do some addition by subtraction. Clutter makes a space look smaller, so keeping things simple by removing odds and ends along with any unnecessary furniture or decor can actually open up your home.

Bottom line: There are a lot of simple ways to create space and utilize your current space more efficiently. If you’re considering remodeling as a solution, be sure to hire a contractor you can trust and who understands your needs and works with you and your ideas.

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Photo Credit: Jameson42 via Compfight cc