Home Improvement Tips For Buttoning Up Your Home this Winter

When most people think about their wishes and hopes for their home, they think about big projects such as a major home remodeling, and other long-term goals. However, there are many ways to improve a home without taking on large home improvement projects, too.

For instance, as the weather begins to turn chilly and winter storms begin approaching, homeowners can button up their homes to keep the heat in, the cold out, and everyone happy all season long. Use these tips to get started before that frigid weather really shows up.


Windows & Door Frames

One of the best places to start to “button up” the home for the winter is with windows and door frames. Some weather stripping and caulking can make a world of difference in terms of preventing heat loss, lowering the energy bill, and simply improving year-round comfort inside the house.

Be sure to check each and every window and door. Remember that caulking may be necessary both inside and outside the home. Also, inspect for signs of more significant damage such as decay, rot, cracking, and more, in these areas to see if anything needs replacing or substantial repair.


Chimney, Fireplace & Furnace

Another important aspect of annual winter home improvement and preparation is chimney and fireplace inspection. Make sure there’s no debris stuck in the chimney and there’s a clear flow of air, and that the damper works properly. A professional chimney cleaning or inspection may be a wise idea as well.

You should also have your furnace serviced by a professional. Most manufacturers recommend a professional inspection once a year. Annual inspections help maintain your furnace’s health and keep it running properly when you need it the most. The majority of no-heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of proper maintenance.


Outdoor Considerations

Don’t forget to turn off all of the home’s exterior faucets. Be sure to drain them thoroughly as well, to prevent leftover water from freezing and potentially bursting pipes. Also, remove attached hoses from those exterior faucets, and keep them stored away. If you have an irrigation or sprinkler system, be sure to shut down the controller or timer if one is in place. Then drain any hoses or water lines attached to them.

Bring any tools or power equipment inside as well, and be sure that gutters and downspouts are clear and properly secured.

Secure outdoor furniture with heavy pipes or other objects, or consider bringing certain items inside to the basement or garage for storage. Small planters and pots should also be brought inside. Cut down any branches or tree overgrowth, which could potentially fall on the home or roof during a storm.


Larger Home Improvement Projects

Of course, larger home remodeling or improvement projects may be recommended or necessary as well. These could range from roof replacements due to leaks or damage, installing new insulation in the attic or basement, and one of the most common of all home improvement chores, replacing the windows to improve energy efficiency.

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Photo Credit: mph1966 via Compfight cc