Basement Remodel Ideas To Create Great New Living Spaces

Basement remodeling is a priority for many homeowners. It’s a substantial project, but it’s also one that can provide great dividends, both with the wonderful new living spaces that are created, as well as the resulting increase in a home’s value. There are many different options for this type of home remodel project, and the following tips can help get the process started.

Before beginning the project, consider how much of the basement should be finished or remodeled, and how much should remain as a “typical” basement, if any. Many homeowners do want to retain some portion of an unfinished basement, whether for storage, a work area, for tools and supplies, and so forth. Only finishing part of the basement also will reduce overall project costs.

It’s important that any homeowner pays attention to the latest basement remodeling ideas and trends, and not the ones they may have seen a decade or two ago. For instance, suspended ceilings in basement were very commonly used not too long ago, but are out of style today. Paneled walls are definitely out as well. In place of either of those, consider tray ceilings and simple painted dry wall, respectively.

By design, basements often feel very tight or restrictive. One of the most important home improvements for this type of project is therefore figuring out how to open up the space and make it more inviting, and to add personality and warmth. For instance, instead of the enclosed staircases that most basements feature, consider opening up one side of that staircase so people are welcomed to the space below as they walk down.

Always remember to keep in mind how the space will actually be utilized. Will there be an entertainment center, with a large television and stereo equipment? What about a pool table, or any other games? Or will there be a corner office, or a workout space

It’s crucial that this is decided up front, so the project can be planned around those needs. Additionally, while basements are typically one large space, remodeling projects can divvy up the space into smaller rooms or areas. This will allow for the entertainment center and the home gym or office, or whichever other priority is being discussed.

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