How to Decide the Size and Space of Your Home Addition

Planning for a new home addition can seem like a daunting process. It’s easy to get lost, or to veer away from what truly were the initial preferences or purpose.

That’s why it’s important to approach it carefully and step-by-step, so nothing is overlooked or ignored. Here, gain some important insight on how to decide the size and space of a home addition.

Think About Needs: Planning a home addition all begins with what is actually needed. Besides “more space” in the home, what really is the purpose? Is it a beautiful sunroom for relaxing and entertaining; is it an extra bedroom; or is it an office? What’s the number one aspect of the addition that has to be considered?

Consider the Type of Space and Expansion: Will the addition be going out, or up? In other words, does it add to the footprint of the home, or is it an addition over the garage or other room on the main floor? Will it be a one- or two-story addition? What is the flow of the space from the existing area of your home, to the new area? It’s important to carefully conceptualize all of these details, and by answering each question it’ll be easy to start eliminating options.

Cost Considerations: Of course, larger additions will tend to cost more money, but there are specific details homeowners tend to ignore that an honest home remodeling contractor will help clue them in on. For instance, standard lumber size is a 16′ base length. Therefore, a 17′ room adds huge unnecessary costs for one extra foot of size.

Logistics: Are there lot restrictions for the property? Will the city need to provide variance approval or any type of permit or zoning change? This can add time, cost and hassle to the process, which could have been avoided with careful planning.

Don’t Forget Details: Really dive into the details, and consider not only the purpose of the room, but what types of furniture will be utilized. Is there going to be a full-length couch or sofa, a dining table, a computer desk, or some combination of these? By envisioning these specifics, it’s much easier to determine when a planned space isn’t large enough, or is just right for its intentions. Figuring this out before work actually begins is crucial.

Ultimately, be sure to leave enough time for the entire planning, designing and building process. If the goal is to have that new sunroom or kitchen remodel by summer, the project should begin about three to four months ahead of that for timely completion.

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