How to Choose Home Remodeling Contractors

Choosing the right home remodeling contractor is an important step of the home improvement process. Certainly, any homeowner who has had a bad experience will quickly say that not all contractors are created equally. Here are some helpful hints for finding home remodeling contractors who will provide the perfect finished product, and perhaps just as importantly, a smooth process along the way.

  • Referrals, Recommendations & Ratings: The best place to start with any home improvement project is a combination of referrals, recommendations and ratings. Ask neighbors who have completed recent projects, and look around at social media sites for comments and reviews. Find local contractors with a strong presence and great feedback.
  • Overall & Specific Experience: It’s important that a contractor has enough experience. It’s even more important though that a contractor has a wide range of experience specifically with the type of project being handled, including its size and scope, area of the home, materials and concepts being utilized, and so forth. Someone who’s an expert in kitchen remodeling may or may not be a good choice for an outdoor deck, or a home addition, for example. If possible, you should stick with a contractor who’s certified through one of the large trade associations such as NARI or HBA.
  • Initial Consultations & Meetings: Don’t be afraid to schedule appointments with more than one contractor. Get to know each person, and get a sense of what it would be like to work with them. Are they able to take on, and are they confident about, the project being planned? What kinds of recommendations or insights can they offer? What makes them different or better from the competition? Is it simply easy to talk with them and get legitimate responses and friendly interactions?
  • Upfront and Clear Costs: Any contractor should be able to provide you with legitimate, clear and upfront cost estimates. Different choices for your project such as specific materials or add-ons could change this estimate, which is why an upfront price range incorporating some of those potential options is important.
  • Know the Process: One of the most important aspects of choosing a home remodeling contractor is knowing the process they are offering. Any contractor should be able to clearly walk you through what to expect, from initial consultation or planning, to estimates and designing, detailed choices, project completion, payment details, and more. Nobody wants anything to be uncertain, or to experience any unwelcome last minute surprises.
  • Finding a Fit: It’s also crucial to find a good fit. Simply put, certain contractors may be a better fit for certain projects than others, even if they both are highly rated or recommended. Homeowners should be comfortable and confident in the person or team they select, and should really feel like they can work together successfully to reach the desired project’s outcome.

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